Contemporary Pysanky Designs by Nancy Dudchik

Pysanky Egg Greeting Cards

Pysanky Egg Greeting Card

Celebrate Easter with these high quality matted print greeting cards (blank on the inside).
This package also makes the prefect stationary gift for the pysanky enthusiast.

Pack of 6... $19.95
(plus $3.95 shipping & handling) 


About the Artist, Nancy Dudchik

The Easter Egg collection began in 1994. Every year each state selects an artist to send an egg to the White House for the annual Easter Celebration. The oldest and most unique tradition in presidential history, the Annual White House Egg Roll, started with President & Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes, who invited children to roll their eggs on the South Ground Lawn in 1879.

In 2007 the CT Poultry Association selected Dudchik to design the 2008 egg to represent the State of Connecticut. “It was a tremendous honor for me to represent my state. I designed my egg with traditional designs and technique. The design took many hours and many attempts before the final version was completed. I was thrilled with the outcome. Being part of the Easter Egg Display was a once in a lifetime experience that I am very proud of… it was truly a special moment.”

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Contemporary Pysanky Egg Designs by Nancy Dudchik

Contemporary Pysanky Designs by Nancy Dudchik